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As patent attorneys for materials science, we know that the protection of innovations and inventions is of great importance. Our many years of experience in this field make us experts in this area. We are committed to ensuring that research and development in materials science are appropriately rewarded. We work closely with our clients to protect their innovations and ensure that their developments are protected from imitators. For each patent idea that we handle, we put great emphasis on a good understanding of the facts behind the patent idea in order to fully grasp the specifics of your invention. With our thorough approach and customized strategies, we help you achieve the best possible position to defend your patent.

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Progress Through Expertise – Patent for Composites

On the road to progress through expertise, the development and refinement of composites is of great importance. Our team of experienced patent attorneys in the field of composites understands the complexities of this field and will support you during every step of your innovation process. With profound knowledge of materials science, engineering and intellectual property, we offer customized solutions to protect your inventions. From patenting new composite materials to enforcing your rights in patent disputes, we support you with our expertise and commitment. Rely on our experience in order to protect your ideas and pave the way for breakthrough developments in composites technology. Contact us now to find out more about our services and to shape the future together.

Patents in Nanotechnology – Secure Your Future Technologies

Innovation is the key to developing a successful company, but how do you protect your developments? This is where patents come into play. Especially in the emerging world of nanotechnology, it is of the utmost importance to have your inventions protected. With a patent, the owner of the patent can defend their intellectual property and prevent competitors from copying or imitating their own developments. It is important to inform oneself about the patent granting process at an early stage and to obtain professional support from an intellectual property lawyer in order to obtain the best protection. We specialize in patenting inventions in nanotechnology and have a deep insight into the challenges and requirements that this emerging field entails. Invest in your developments and secure your future in the world of nanotechnology with a patent. With our extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise, we are by your side ensuring that your invention receives the recognition and protection it deserves.

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Patents in Materials Science: Innovations and Applications

In materials science, there are a large number of patents relating to new materials and substances, manufacturing processes, applications and technologies. Materials science comprises a wide range of disciplines, including metallurgy, polymer science, semiconductor technology, nanotechnology and more. Here are some examples of patent categories in materials science that we deal with:

New Materials: Patents focused on the discovery and development of new materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, semiconductors and more.

Composite Materials: Patents for the development of composite materials, in which different materials are combined to achieve improved mechanical, thermal or electrical properties.

Nanotechnology: Patents in the field of nanotechnology, including manufacturing processes for nanomaterials. Applications of nanomaterials in various industries.

Surface Coatings: Patents for technologies for applying coatings to material surfaces to improve specific properties such as hardness, corrosion resistance or surface functionalities.

Biomedical materials: Patents for materials used in medical technology and biomedicine, including biomaterials for implants, tissue replacement materials and drug carriers.

Super Materials: Patents for materials with exceptional properties, such as materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, materials with special electrical properties, superconductors.

Energy and Environmental Technologies: Patents for materials used in energy generation, energy storage, environmental technologies and sustainable developments, such as materials for solar technology, battery materials and catalysts.

Semiconductor Technology: Patents for the manufacturing of electronic components, semiconductor technology.

Manufacturing Process: Patents for innovative processes for the production of materials or substances.