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Your Patent Attorney for Engineering Sciences – Strategic Planning

As a patent attorney for innovations and developments in the field of engineering sciences, we are committed to ensuring that your intellectual property is protected and that you can concentrate on your core competencies. An important basis for both obtaining and defending your intellectual property is strategic planning of the approach, which can help you to quickly achieve your objectives and gain a competitive advantage. We gladly advise you on this and do our best to find the ideal solution for you. Due to our expertise and experience, we know exactly what is important for a successful strategy. Rely on our expertise as patent attorney for engineering sciences and together we can achieve your business objectives.

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Your Patent Attorney for Mechanical Engineering – A Key Factor to Success

Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive expertise, we can support you in all matters relating to patents in mechanical engineering. As specialized patent attorneys in the field of mechanical engineering, we gladly advise you at all time. We not only assist you in applying for a patent, but we also support you in enforcing and defending your rights. With us as your trusted partner, you can be sure that your inventions are optimally protected. We take time for your concerns and guarantee you a professional and success-oriented advice.

Patents for Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Sciences – Key Aspects

When it comes to patents for mechanical engineering and engineering sciences, several important aspects have to be considered. Without the protection of a patent, companies risk their innovative developments being taken by competitors. A patent helps to protect intellectual property and gives the owners the right to protect their inventions from being imitated. The journey from an invention to a patent is not easy. It requires a thorough understanding of the technical and legal aspects involved. Thus, it is important to have an experienced partner by your side. We will take good care of you. We have an extensive experience in the patent system and offer reliable advice and support in all stages of the patent granting process. Let us together your developments and strengthen your competitiveness.

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Patents for Plant Engineering – The Key to Securing Innovation

Securing innovations is essential in order to remain competitive. One way of protecting innovations is to apply for patents. Especially in plant engineering, where complex constructions are developed, patents are the key to securing innovations. We are your contact partner for patent applications and we ensure that your developments are optimally protected. We are excited to be part of your innovation strategy and look forward to shaping the future together with you.

Protecting Technical Breakthroughs with Patents for Telecommunications

In the field of telecommunications, it is very important to protect technological breakthroughs. Patents are an effective way of protecting your developments from unauthorized use by third parties. As experienced patent consultants in the field of telecommunications, we assist you with our know-how. We support you in the development of an elaborated patent strategy and accompany you on the way to a successful application, both nationally and internationally. We ensure that your innovations and developments are optimally protected. Rely on our expertise and benefit from our extensive network and many years of experience in the field of patent telecommunications.

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Innovations in Engineering – Drivers for Productivity Increase and Efficiency Improvement

The continuous integration of automation technology, robotics and sensor technology in mechanical and plant engineering as well as the development of artificial intelligence in the context of Industry 4.0 have led to significant increases in productivity. These technological advances enable a more efficient production and a faster response to changing market requirements. New energy-efficient drive technologies and autonomous systems also contribute significantly to the improvement of individual mobility and transportation. The use of innovative materials and the implementation of 3D printing processes not only enable the development of new products, but also the material-efficient organization of production processes and machines. These technological developments lay the foundation for future innovations in engineering and offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their competitiveness and continuously improve their business processes.

Technical patents can exist in numerous subdisciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, materials science, measurement engineering, chemical engineering and even informatics as long as they are computer-implemented inventions. Here are some examples of patents in various engineering disciplines:

Electrical Engineering and Electronics: Patents for new electronic components, control and regulation systems, circuits, communication technologies, sensors, measurement engineering, semiconductor technologies and other electronic devices.

Mechanical Engineering: Patents in the field of mechanical engineering can relate to innovative machines, plant components, apparatuses, drive systems, measuring devices, production technologies, robotics and automation.

Civil Engineering: Patents for construction materials, construction technologies, construction methods, bridge construction, building construction, road construction and other areas of construction.

Materials Science: Patents for new materials, surface coatings, alloys, polymers and other advances in materials science.

Environmental Technology: Patents for environmentally friendly technologies, waste management, air and water treatment, renewable energies and sustainable engineering practices.

Aerospace Technology: Patents for aircraft technologies, space technology, satellites, propulsion systems and other aerospace innovations.

Medical Technology: Patents for medical devices, diagnostic technologies, medical imaging, implants, prostheses and other medical technology developments.

Traffic Engineering: Patents for transport, means of transportation, road traffic systems, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and public transport.

Energy and Power Plant Technology: Patents for energy generation technologies, power plants, renewable energies, photovoltaics, wind energy, energy storage technologies and grids.

Optics and Photonics: Patents for optics, photonics, laser technologies, fiber optic technologies and optical instruments.

Chemical and Process Engineering: Patents for chemical processes, process plants, production processes and applications in chemical engineering.

Information Technology and Software: Computer-implemented inventions.