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Licenses & license agreements

A license governs the rights of use to industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks, designs) between a licensor (property rights owner) and a licensee (e.g., user). Basic or exclusive rights to an industrial property right can be granted by license agreements. We will be happy to advise you during the drawing up and review of non-disclosure agreements

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Co-existence agreements

Particularly in the field of trade mark and corporate logo rights, a trade mark application may often be opposed by older rights. For example, identical or similar trade marks may already have been registered at a trademark office and used for other goods or service classes. This usually does not pose a problem, as long as the business areas of the trade mark owners are clearly distinct and there is no confusion of the trade marks in commercial transactions. A co-existence agreement governs the use and co-existence of industrial property rights, particularly of trade mark rights, to achieve a resolution satisfactory to both property rights owners for the future. Time and cost-intensive disputes before a court or patent offices can be avoided in this way. We provide advice in the review or drawing up of such a co-existence agreement.

Non-disclosure agreements

A non-disclosure agreement is a civil-law agreement, which governs the silence on private information between contracting parties. Non-disclosure protection covers all verbal, written, or electronic information, in particular documents, drawings, data media, project presentations, lectures, proceedings, etc. A non-disclosure agreement is necessary for sending out initial feelers to possible interested parties, for example, to find a commercial or cooperation partner for the intellectual property you have created. The agreement protects the information provider from the information recipient by means of civil law, so that the disclosed information is handled confidentially. A non-disclosure agreement can trigger a civil suit for claims for damages, but does not replace an industrial property right for IP protection. We will be happy to advise you during the review and drawing up of non-disclosure agreements.
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